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Artists’ Ancient Secrets, Part 1

In 1503, Leonardo was commissioned to paint a huge mural, “The Battle of Anghiari”, which depicted a battle between Milan and Florence. At the same time his rival, Michelangelo, was to paint the opposite wall. This was the only time that Leonardo and Michelangelo worked together on the same project. Sixty years later the painting disappeared when Vasari was commissioned to paint six new murals on the same walls. However, Vasari was a great admirer of DaVinci so it has always been suspected that he managed to preserve Leonardo’s painting somehow because of a cryptic clue, “Cerca Trova”, “Seek and you shall find”, which was painted on a banner. Now 500 years later it may have been found…
‘Proof’ that long lost Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece lies behind Florence painting –  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/leonardo-da-vinci/9138461/Proof-that-long-lost-Leonardo-da-Vinci-masterpiece-lies-behind-Florence-painting.html
The Battle of Anghiari (painting) – Wikipedia

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