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The Neuroscience of Creativity

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Studying the part of the brain associated with creativity.


“We don’t normally associate neuroscience with creativity yet the study of the brain has much to contribute to what is set to be the premium topic of the 21st century.”

Kristin Newton‘s insight:

This article says: "We don’t normally associate neuroscience with creativity …" but as I’ve been teaching drawing for over 20 years, what has always astounded me is how clearly one can see each person’s brain in action. I can tell if a person is a 2D or 3D thinker, if they were born left-handed but switched to right-handed even if they don’t remember, and so much more. Often people, even children, would get a headache and when I asked where it hurt, they would usually point to a spot above the right ear and say it was throbbing. Not long ago I read that scientists have discovered that the part of the brain that is most active during the creative process is just above the right ear. Last summer I taught a class with a Russian neuro-biologist and pointed out all the things I was noticing about the participants brains as they were drawing. She was amazed and said she couldn’t explain it. I wish I could teach a group of neurologists how to draw so they could watch their brains in action!

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