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Esref Armagan: A Blind Turkish Painter

Back in 2008 two Doctor/researchers from Harvard were looking for some answers on how Esref’s brain operates. Dr. Amir Amedi and Dr. Alvaro Pasqual-Leone were using Esref as the bases for their studies in neural plasticity and how the “visual” cortex acts differently in blind people opposed to someone with full vision. Pasqual-Leon found that blind people that can read Braille use this very same area of the brain for touch. The doc’s decided to perform a scan on Armagan’s brain while he was painting. The results were amazing, Armagan’s visual cortex lit up like a Christmas tree! This means someone who didn’t know Esref or of his condition looked at the scans wouldn’t know he was a blind man.

Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com

Art and music can teach us so much about the assumptions we have about our brains.

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