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Failure as Strength – The power of Failure for Innovation & Learning from Defeat

It’s really hard to talk about failure. The “Admitting Failure” website, connected to engineering failure stories at its creation, hopes to change that. 

…acknowledging failure is often a catalyst for innovation… 


It is painful for civil society organizations to acknowledge when we don’t meet our goals and objectives…   The paradox is that we do everything we can to avoid these pains even though we all know failure is the best teacher and we have to be open and talk about our failures in order to learn. ….acknowledging failure is often a catalyst for innovation that takes our work from good to great.

To address this conundrum we need a paradigm shift in how civil society views failure.  We think this starts with open and honest dialogue about what is working and what isn’t so Admitting Failure exists to support and encourage organizations to (not surprisingly) admit failure.

ad·mit   /ədˈmit/
1. To concede as true or valid <admit responsibility for a failure>
2. To allow entry <admit failure into the organization, allowing a safe space for dialogue>

Fear, embarrassment, and intolerance of failure drives our learning underground and hinders innovation.
No more. Failure is strength. The most effective and innovative organizations are those that are willing to speak openly about their failures because the only truly “bad” failure is one that’s repeated.
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Source: www.admittingfailure.org

Starting over fresh, with new wisdom, can be a gift in disguise.

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