Life is Art, Art is Life


I’m a creativity catalyst and have been giving workshops internationally for over 20 years. Originally a glass artist from California who ended up in Japan, I encourage using the arts to access the untapped reserve capacities of the brain.

I was born in Los Angeles but my mother was born in France and my father in Iceland.  My father was born 40 miles from the Arctic Circle in a sod-roofed house. Some of his ancestors were Snorri Sturleson who wrote many Sagas, and Vilhjalmur Stefansson who was an arctic explorer who discovered the edge of the continental shelf in the early 1900’s. One of my mother’s ancestors went to Egypt with Napoleon. Her father’s ancestor was William Brewster, the oldest Mayflower passenger and one of the leaders of the Pilgrims. Adventure is in my genes!

My first love is glass and while I was attending art school, I apprenticed for 5 years at the glass studio of Roger Darricarrere, a French glass artist in L.A. He was a spy in the French underground during the 2nd world war and had lots of exciting stories to tell.

I was invited to Japan on an art exchange program and that was the beginning of a whole new life. For over 10 years I apprenticed with 2 forerunners of brain education, Dr. Betty Edwards and Dr. Georgi Lozanov. Learning never ends!

Think back on all the people who have influenced your life up until now. How many can you count? Sometimes they may change the entire direction of your life.

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