Life is Art, Art is Life


Brains are endlessly interesting. So much is being discovered that information is often out of date before it can even be published.

Two Nobel Prize winners, Roger Sperry in 1981 and Eric Kandel in 2000, stand out in the field of neuroscience. Sperry  for his work on the two-sided brain: the right side is creative and intuitive but irrational, and the left side is rational and analytical but lacks imagination. This left–right idea spread around the world and remains popular even today. Someone will often say, “I’m a left-brained type,” or “Let’s use our right brains on this.”

Kandel overturned Sperry with a whole-brain model that combines analysis and intuition in all modes of thought. This new model reveals strategic intuition as a form of rational thought in the whole brain, rather than irrational thought on the irrational side of the brain. Neuroscientists call it intelligent memory, where flashes of insight large and small take past elements from memory anywhere in the brain and combine them in new ways.

Here are a few interesting videos:

 YouTube – Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Frontal Cortex


Brain Anatomy and Functions #1


Miracle of the Human Brain #2-1


amazing connections between billions of neuron cells

YouTube – Neuron – 3d Medical Animation #2-2


medical animation of a neuron network with zoom into a synapse

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